Welcome to ystop!

Well, I had to try something new. Let's see if using a wiki for the content of my site helps me keep it a little more up to date.

Now I can more easily add links to my new pictures in picasaweb, blogs or other documents I may want to publish using google docs, or even this cool wiki!

You can find some of my blogs here: http://ystop.blogspot.com/.

A blog from my cousin Juan Esteban (needs password): http://q-chos.blogspot.com/. And another blog with his recipes: http://ioannes-magirus.blogspot.com/

Juan Esteban's wiki space in my site: home


Contact me

email: windchess at yahoo . com

skype: eporcelli

yahoo im: windchess



Today I released the wiki version of my site. How do you like the logo?


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